Spin Cycle – Zoe Strachan

This novel, set in a Glasgow laundrette, centres around three main female characters’s lives both at work and out of it.

Agnes is an older woman whose cousin Vina was murdered decades before and her dreams and waking moments tell the story in a series of flashbacks.

Siobhan is a shy lesbian whose furtive desire for one of their clients leads her, wildy, to “borrow” various articles of clothing. Siobhan also has synaesthesia which for her manifests itself mainly in people’s voices sounding like music or becoming a colour.

Myrna, good time girl with numerous affairs, a hard-drinking drug-fuelled habit to sustain and no spare money in the bank decides to do  some escort work “just for a while”.

The workers’ lives gradually intertwine as they tentatively reveal their secrets while an ominous threat waits just around the corner in “no mean city”.