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Velvet Apple

Velvet Apple Troon

I’ve just had lunch here today and tried their special which was falafelفلافل , hummus حمّص , olives, salad, flat bread and  tabbouleh تبولة . It was a very good rendition of a traditional Arabic selection of dishes. The hummus wasn’t quite right but as a combination it was very tasty. The bill was difficult to work out because it read CAFE for every item with a price next to it but I think it was £6.95 for this bit of the meal. The Thai soup my friend had was said to be nice but spicy. The cakes, particularly the meringues looked amazing but we declined as we were already rather full.



If you fancy making your own version:


Velvet Apple Troon

This morning I had to wait for an hour for some work being done to my car so I wandered  round Troon on foot in an effort to get some breakfast. The Lido had recently burned down so I went in to the Venice Cafe which offers free WiFi. Unfortunately they don’t take card transactions so unless my purse was full I wouldn’t be able to have much more than a coffee.

I took a detour to the Velvet Apple to see if they did breakfast as they had the desirable debit card symbols in the window. I had last eaten there a few months previously and did a double take because of the changes in the look of the place as, out had gone the wooden chairs and tables and large counter displaying cakes and in had come comfy sofas and leather booths with privacy screens. I should have waited to be seated but as they were quiet I went directly to a booth and then asked the very personable woman if they did breakfast when she came over. There was no menu but she offered various combinations verbally and I opted for scrambled egg, bacon, toast and coffee. I ended up getting a lovely crusty bread toasted along with the bacon and egg and two cups of coffee. The coffee is brewed freshly for each cup, the eggs were fluffy and the bacon wasn’t that horrible white salty fat stuff that you get in supermarkets. It tasted really nice and was all the better for the fact that it cost less than £6 for the whole thing.

If you’ve been before and were disappointed, give it another try as it is a much improved version of the Velvet Apple that you’ll find now.

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