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The Killing III

The Killing 3 – episodes 3 and 4

The mobile phone being used by the elusive kidnapper couldn’t be traced as it was using a London based IP address. We learned this as well as the fact that the money thrown so cavalierly into the bus hasn’t been used which suggests a lone man seeking vengeance. The politicians continued to try to make political gains from the kidnapping gains either by trying to be helpful to Zeuthen or by pointing out cover ups and incompetency. A demand for toast to be constantly available on the Premier’s bus seemed odd even for a spoiled politico. Karen was accused of being in love with Kamper by his brother but she denied it but she has this perturbing look when he is meeting up with his paramour in the Central party. Kamper is not above sleeping with his political partner in order to get his own way – “Where’s his tie gone?” He also seemed to have lost a son year’s previously who was a – literally – closet anarchist.

The kidnapper had been keeping Emilie in a campervan and managed to stay one step ahead all the way through this double episode but Emilie, being a clever girl, left clues everywhere they went like the first few letters of her name scratched into the wall of one hideout and Top C 03 on the camper van window as clues about where she has been and where, presumably, she thinks they are going.

Much of the story revolves around the family dynamic of Emilie, her mother Maja, father and brother. A secret diary shows that she wants them all to be together despite the fact that her mother is about to remarry the man who was so annoyed about her allergies not being taken seriously. The husband’s faithful sidekick seemed to be becoming more and more like Batman’s valet as he fixed and solved problems to order – no job too small or big for him to be involved with whether it was looking into getting photos of every employee at the dock between certain dates or obtaining fortunes to be flown in on private jets or even finding a toy car – oh for a servant like that!

Denmark, like the UK, seems to have been suffering from cutbacks which are mentioned fairly frequently as the reason why things haven’t been done as they normally would have been. Of course, slowly we find out that an autopsy of the 13 year old orphan who had been sexually active  (which was thought normal!!!)-  had committed “suicide” and was found by the three sailors who were tortured to death in the first episode -has been altered and in fact it was murder. The woman who did the autopsy has a change of heart and wants to tell Lund what she really found out but of course it is a trap to draw Lund into another dark corridor to run down looking for our killer.  Lund is once more put in the position of having to fire at the perp to save her partner and she can’t bring herself to kill him as Borch is there – either because the previous deaths she has caused have paralysed her or because she knows she can’t get a clean shot. At least she had a new blue and white snowflake jumper to wear though.

Mark and his pregnant partner feature mostly to show how even when there is yet another family crisis Lund can’t let go and stop investigating for even the length of one or two telephone rings. Her shock in the railway station wasn’t repeated in this episode. She tries to help but when push comes to shove, always gives to the job over her nearest and dearest.

Various clues and red herring popped up throughout and my suspects at this stage are:


Maja’s boyfriend

The faithful butler-like sidekick

The Killing


The Killing III – episodes 1 and 2

The episode opened with papers strewn across the floor of a ship’s interior while a semi naked man writhed to porn on a screen that only he could see. The writhing was because he was trying to escape the bloody ties that trapped him to the chair in front of the screen and when he finally slipped his cut wrists out of the ties that bound, he tried to escape his captor  finally managing it with a suicidal leap into the watery depths.

The scene cut to beautiful blonde children of a business magnate on the edge of a forest on their way to school which inconveniently changed the plans of the father who had boardroom jousting to attend to. His company Zeeland, of course, was associated with the shenanigans at the docks and were also tax avoiders who were threatening to move their billion dollar business out of Denmark if they did not continue to get their own way.  His estranged wife wanted to be able to take the children to her house overnight and as their estrangement was still raw, he refused instead letting her be with them in his house. This of course led to the cherubic girl being kidnapped because the dockland scene was a trial of the security that all sections of Zeeland used, even in their owner’s house.

So Sarah Lund tiptoed into our lives again much changed,  hoping for a quiet job after 25 years of service, a life of gardening in her spare time and a rapprochement with her son – the one who had been overlooked in her distractions with work. Lund wore a white jumper with large V shaped stripes or a more formal chief inspector uniform to get her certificate of 25 year’s service from her future potential boss. She looked rested and settled and beautiful – coppery hair curled down to  her shoulders and she was almost unrecognisable. Of course, we couldn’t have that, not when there was a former paramour who now worked with Special Branch needing her help to make sure that the Prime Minister would be safe. Those pesky body parts with tattoos and a wedding ring that only she could solve, despite the fact she had a new trainee to point in the right direction. My how we laughed when he wanted to check out every container – the rube!

The story moved on apace, Sarah getting more and more drawn in to the case, particularly after she didn’t manage to persuade her son to come over for dinner with his partner. Lund was then humiliated by her mother coming in to her workplace to tell her that her son wanted her to back off and she told the new sidekick Mathias that she had always thought he was “the one” – he won’t be long for this world then.She was the one the kidnapper wanted to deliver the money and she took a circuitous route from train to train missing the second one because she caught a glimpse of her son and his very pregnant girlfriend on the train platform. Lund was so crushed that she was immobilised  and missed the train so her colleague who should have been keeping a low profile talked to her to get her back on track, literally. She was then told in the next mobile phone call to go through a train tunnel, climb a silver ladder onto the street and throw the bag of money onto a bus which was pulling away from the stop. The kidnapper however was not pleased that she had had company on her journey and took the opportunity to show his displeasure to kick the depute prosecutor off the courthouse roof to be suspended by a noose.


Too, too short skirt worn by Karen the PM’s assistant – she should be called Cutty Sark

Lund was already sitting in the dark and drinking wine before the episode was out – who needs a gardening book when one has wine.

The estranged parents were holding hands again while they waited for news.

The PM is having an affair with his Central party coalition partner but she seemed reluctant to commit to making the announcement that would secure his party’s political future.

Although the kidnapper used Lund’s not being alone as an excuse, he made it clear that the figure offered for the return of the girl was derisory even although 10 million kroner sounded like a lot to us but he said that he was owed a debt and no doubt that will come in to sharper focus in the rest of the series. I presume the case which didn’t reach court is going to account for the debt?

I really enjoyed it being back on screen and when the familiar three note minor key piano notes were struck felt right back in the zone.

The Killing

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