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I’m going to Silverburn later. This is almost a weekly occurrence for me as I like several of the shops and restaurants. My main gripe however is the car parking. There are lots of parking spots which fill up very quickly in the main lot (yellow zone I think) but often by the time I arrive I need to use the overflow car park. In the winter I had mobility issues and it was quite difficult getting across the road between that car park and the main car park as there is a need to cross the main road where a constant stream of cars is coming off the motorway and entering the car park. Even though the cars have “slowed” down to the legal 30 mph, it is still difficult to dodge the cars and try to get across if one cannot walk with the speed of warp factor 1. A nice little bit of black and white paint across one part of the road would give the pedestrian – who is afterall the paying customer – a way of crossing safely. it makes no sense that there are walkways in one of the car parks but no walkways between the car parks.



This is one of our favourite restaurants in Silverburn as it is consistently good. The employees are enthusiastic and seemingly can’t do enough for you. They’re the sort that tell you their name and are over to clear as soon as you finish. Very efficient and pleasant.

Try the bread, oil and balsamic vinegar to start while you’re waiting for your main course like we did.  It’s a tasty, low cost filler. We both plumped for salads today – one salmon and avocado and one Caesar  salad. We shared a portion of fries and a large bottle of San Pellegrino and the cost came in at under £30 for 2. The salad takes some eating and you’ll feel so satisfied that dessert would be a step too far.

Give them a try!

Glasgow Silverburn

Yo! Sushi Silverburn

My daughter and I had been to Yo Sushi for one of these Sunday specials before when it was anything on the belt within a 2 hour time frame. Today when we sat down we were told that the eating time had been reduced to one  hour but as we were going shopping that wasn’t really an issue.
We chatted and ate a few things off the conveyor belt and when I asked about dessert I was told that the fruit or cake quarter things were the only ones available which although disappointing was alright.
What has incensed me is that when I came to pay I was told that the “grey” plates were not included in the price. At no time in the couple of conversations that I had with the staff was the difference in price mentioned at all. If the more expensive desserts are not put on the conveyor belt at this time then surely any more expensive main course dishes should be left off as well. You do not go to a Chinese buffet or an Indian buffet only to be told that some dishes were not included at the end.
In my opinion, I should not have to read “terms and conditions” before I eat. I should just be able to eat and enjoy. How do they deal with customers who are either dyslexic or colour blind?
The food we ate was disappointing even if it had been at the expected price of £18ish pounds a head but to then be charged an extra £5 for the grey plate was totally unacceptable.The manager seemed to have absolutely no leeway to come and go with the customer and it was a case of pay up now and complain later.  We have eaten at, and enjoyed, Yo Sushi on several occasions in the past but  it will not be an experience I think we will be repeating.
I have sent off a complaint. If they reply I will amend this post accordingly but I’m not holding my breath.
Response received on 12th of April:
Thanks for getting in touch.
When customers come to a restaurant running Super Sumo Sundays, they have the choice to either dine in (or take away) as normal, or to take part in Super Sumo Sundays. This is because feedback from our customers tells us that not everyone wants to take us up on the deal – some prefer to just pay as they eat, as normal.
The terms of our Super Sumo Sundays are that you can eat anything from the belt in a one hour sitting, with the exception of the grey (and yellow) plates, for a fixed price. The reason that we put the grey plates out though they’re not included in the offer is so our customers who don’t want to use the Super Sumo Sundays promotion can still enjoy them.
The terms of the offer are here:
The terms of this offer and the dishes that are included in the offer are displayed on the place mats on every table, though after your feedback we have also spoken to the restaurant to ensure this is communicated clearly to our customers.
Thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback, we appreciate it all.
YO! Sushi
 Take care if you go to work out which is the best deal for you.
I’ll be continuing to eat elsewhere.

Handmade Hamburger Co., Silverburn

We went here for dinner tonight because I was really in the mood for a burger. I had the classic burger with sides of chips and coleslaw washed down with a bottle of diet coke. My daughter had more or less the same, replacing the burger with chicken.

The meal came in at just over £25 for two and was really nicely fresh when it was delivered to the table.

Plus points – chips are delicious, as is the coleslaw. The seats are next to dancing fountains which entertains too.

Negatives – you need to leave the table and order and pay before you get your meal. (Hate that!)

Restaurant Reviews

We decided to stop off at Silverburn today to eat something healthy and after rejecting Nandos and Pizze Hut we opted for the Handmade Hamburger Company which we’d never tried before.

Firstly I’d say don’t pick this company if you like your food fast as we waited 30 minutes for what should have been quite an easy order to fill and secondly if you go into a hamburger place perhaps you should choose a hamburger. We didn’t and that might be why it took so long to get served from order to table. It’s one of these places that you go up to pay before you get your food brought to the table number they give you but sometimes it’s nice to actually have an order taken while you relax.

However, all that aside, once the mozzarella, warmed mushroom and avacado salad arrived with a side order of chips and coleslaw it was not only very welcome but also quite tasty. The chips are handcut and just the right size. The lettuce was rocket which as you know kind of melts under the heat of anything hot or warm so all in all it was quite pleasant. We  had wanted a pint of soda water or similar but they only do bottles of 330 ml so we ended up getting tap water instead which came with ice and lemon which was a nice touch. Overall I’d give it a 7/10. Cost £20 for 2 people.

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