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The 100 Code

This 12 episode series is set mostly in Sweden and as it was a co-production goes between Swedish and English to suit both potential audiences. Basically it is a police procedural with two protagonists – one Swedish and one American – both chasing a murderer who appears to be doing the same thing in different countries. What the men have in common is that they have both lost their wives/partners and use work as a way of covering up the flaws that they have and memories that won’t go away easily.

The series veers between the quirky, for example a talking ghost that appears every so often to fill in the back story, and the risqué with more than a nod to The Story of O.

All the things we have come to expect from Scandi drama are there, an autistic officer – check, father/daughter misunderstandings – check, annoying mobile phone ring tones – check, tunnels and bridges – check and antagonists who are too clever to be caught at the start of the series.

You probably won’t see the ending coming, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Worth watching in a box-set-fest. Don’t expect to sleep easily afterwards though.


Follow the Money 1 & 2

BBC4’s new Saturday Euro-treat  comes from Denmark and is created by a co-writer of Borgen. The title Follow the Money (BBC 4 9pm) hints at the driving motive shared by most of its characters. Tonight’s opener contains one of the most chilling warnings ever uttered in international crime thrillers: “If necessary, go to Manchester.”


Mads (Thomas Bo Larsen) is a cop with definite maverick tendencies who, via the death of a Ukrainian workman employed at a wind farm, finds himself working with a strait-laced partner to investigate fraud at a Danish energy company. One of the major plot developments is telegraphed very early on and is one of the ho hum moments but the series looks promising and worth tuning in for next week.


Beck – BBC4

Beck is the latest ScandiNoir programme to hit our TV screens in the UK. Shown last night as the first in a series of new Scandanavian police procedurals it brought with it a sense of giddy excitement to those of us who like forests, sweaters and flawed police officers who will not give up till they get their man or woman.

The opener started with a woman stopping off at a garage forecourt to buy something from the shop and to get the car washed in the automatic carwash before going off to see her sick mother in her nursing home. Now, hitherto I have never been afraid of carwash brushes but as she was attacked from behind by a mask wearing hoodie while the soapy brushes muffled her screams I vowed to never go through one at night.

Beck was a lead officer with a police team who seem to love him – perhaps literally – and a boss who isn’t quite ready to back off and leave him to it. The body has been discovered in a coffin under some sand in a children’s play park. The woman has been buried alive and unfortunately by the time the discoverer waits for the police to arrive the woman is dead. As a prosecutor she has her fair share of suspect murderers who may have done this.

The bodies rack up in number with a frequency that suggests that if the team don’t get their act together there will soon be no-one left in Sweden to keep the home fires burning. Beck, unfortunately, has a fear of enclosed spaces so it is fairly certain that at some point he will be the victim of a live burial. The viewer can only hope that the team gets its act together before he joins the ranks of the dead.

There was one genuinely “heart in the mouth” fright even although I know how these things work.

Certainly worth a watch.

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