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Last week even the rain could not diminish my joy at being back in York for the day. We used the Park and Ride to get into York without having the hassle of finding somewhere to abandon the car for a few hours. We did the usual touristy things of walking through The Shambles area to look at the Ness shop and Silverado – bought teacups and saucers and silver teapot earrings – looked at the Cathedral but just from the outside this time and had lunch at Bettys. Bettys is my all time favourite place to eat. The olde worlde charm of waitresses in uniform, attending to your every need with manners aforethought while surrounded by art deco walls and cake trolleys really appeals to me. I had a really nice potato rosti with salmon and an individual pot of chocolate flavoured coffee and my friend had a pot of lemongrass tea and mushroom croustades which looked good too. One of these days I’ll have the full afternoon tea experience hopefully. Yum!


Ness tea pot

Part of my Christmas was this rather nifty set. 

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