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I like this because

I like This Because #5

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was the first piece of classical baroque music that moved me to the extent that I needed to find out what it was and buy the whole thing.

The pizzicato strings played in this section, Winter, evokes ice, snow and hail.

Each section fits the season it represents and was apparently written to accompany a series of sonnets. The music is used to great effect in the film of the same name from the 80s to show how relationships change over the course of time.


I like this because…#4

I chose to see the 2D version rather than the 3D and was glad I did or the Gringot ride to the vaults would have had me throwing up. Moreover the snake scenes coming towards me would have been a step too far.

I liked the fact that we were right into the action. No dumbing down and constant referencing what had happened earlier. I thought the scenes with Snape were truly touching. There were a few lines which were funny for a second which helped to alleviate the darkness momentarily. The deaths come thick and fast and there is, by necessity, no time to mourn each one as an individual. Hagrid looks bigger than he ever has in any of the other films. Some say Emma Watson has no sense of timing but I felt she worked well in this film and any pauses were the work of the director rather than her milking a line. Overall two thumbs up!

I like this because…#3

I adore this whole film. From the gun toting gangster beginning to the sexually ambiguous Mercutio singing “Young hearts, run free”, to the beautiful blue fish tank through which Romeo and Juliet first see one another. The imagery of angelic wings reflecting on Juliet’s innocence about to be overwhelmed by her good looking lothario who has thrown over his former love to fall head over heels for Juliet. Religious inconography features heavily towards the end of the film – more crosses and candles than you could shake a stick at.

I like this because…#2

The reprise of “Come what may” in Moulin Rouge is absolutely brilliant. Everything is there: spectacle, emotion, comedy, danger, complex shots, all wrapped up in a catchy duet by two actors not known for their singing prior to this point. Euan, you can serenade me any time you like! And, remember Mr Badguysidekick – no small parts.

I like this because….#1

This opening scene which segues into animation is an eye-catching start to a movie about teenage pregnancy. It foreshadows the change from childhood to an awkward foray into the adult world of uprotected sex. The cartoon is almost immediately juxtaposed with quite a graphic sex scene which is a flashback to explain why Juno is needing to drink enough OJ to take a pregnancy test, as she can’t quite get her head around all the other results she already has.

I showed this film to a group of 15 year olds as their first official 15 certificate. They had the good manners to be “shocked” at the sex scene and the good sense to be horrified by the birth scene. Win/win then…

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