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Handmade Hamburger Company

Handmade Hamburger Co., Silverburn

We went here for dinner tonight because I was really in the mood for a burger. I had the classic burger with sides of chips and coleslaw washed down with a bottle of diet coke. My daughter had more or less the same, replacing the burger with chicken.

The meal came in at just over £25 for two and was really nicely fresh when it was delivered to the table.

Plus points – chips are delicious, as is the coleslaw. The seats are next to dancing fountains which entertains too.

Negatives – you need to leave the table and order and pay before you get your meal. (Hate that!)


Restaurant Reviews

We decided to stop off at Silverburn today to eat something healthy and after rejecting Nandos and Pizze Hut we opted for the Handmade Hamburger Company which we’d never tried before.

Firstly I’d say don’t pick this company if you like your food fast as we waited 30 minutes for what should have been quite an easy order to fill and secondly if you go into a hamburger place perhaps you should choose a hamburger. We didn’t and that might be why it took so long to get served from order to table. It’s one of these places that you go up to pay before you get your food brought to the table number they give you but sometimes it’s nice to actually have an order taken while you relax.

However, all that aside, once the mozzarella, warmed mushroom and avacado salad arrived with a side order of chips and coleslaw it was not only very welcome but also quite tasty. The chips are handcut and just the right size. The lettuce was rocket which as you know kind of melts under the heat of anything hot or warm so all in all it was quite pleasant. We  had wanted a pint of soda water or similar but they only do bottles of 330 ml so we ended up getting tap water instead which came with ice and lemon which was a nice touch. Overall I’d give it a 7/10. Cost £20 for 2 people.

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