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Dundonald Castle Visitor Centre

On a cold Autumnal afternoon, pop along to the Dundonald Visitor Centre to be served by very pleasant staff. Chicken broth tasted home made and scones although prepared elsewhere were tasty enough. 2 soups with rolls, two scones with butter and jam and a tea and coffee came to around £9. Very pretty gifts on show if you fancy something “different” without the queues for Christmas. Leather sofa with magazines in one area if you are on your own.


I Am

I Am
I am the castle on the hill
I wonder if anyone notices
I hear the teenagers at night
I see them not seeing me
I want to shake them up
I am the castle on the hill

I pretend to be still at war
I feel the shudders in my core
I touch the daytime tourists
I worry about my creaking foundations
I cry remembering earlier days
I am the castle on the hill

I understand that life is never easy
I say come, see how it was!
I dream of kings and battles
I try to teach them….something
I hope they learn from history
I am the castle on the hill

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