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Caramel Chew Chew

Ice cream convo

Paul – Caramel Chew Chew my a***.

I demand the return of Cherry Garcia!!!

13 April at 12:27 via iPhone · ·
    • Benandjerrygirl-I’m not sure if I could caramel chew chew your a*** Paul. :O

      13 April at 14:41 ·
    • Paul – Would you prefer my Chunky Monkey?

      13 April at 14:46 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl That would be fairly nuts…

      13 April at 15:24 ·
    • Paul  and totally bananas!!

      13 April at 15:29 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl A bit half baked.

      13 April at 15:43 ·
    • Paul  All a bit phishy if you ask me.

      13 April at 15:50 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl Dough!

      13 April at 16:08 ·
    • Paul Nice, Berry N’ice =O)

      13 April at 16:37 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl Jamaican Me Crazy!

      13 April at 16:46 ·
    • Paul  Oh Fudge, you win!

      13 April at 16:58 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl Thanks! Coffee For A Change?

      13 April at 17:26 ·
    • Paul – Im sick of this game! *blows Bohemian Raspberrys at Benandjerrygirl*

      13 April at 17:31 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl – We’re just Double Trouble!

      13 April at 17:49 ·
    • Paul –  Had to resort to the U.S. site now and I must say I’m very jealous that they have a marzipan flavour. Yummy!!Anyway where were we, errrr oh yeah, Double Trouble, just like your Cinnamon Buns 😉

      13 April at 18:00 ·
    • Benandjerrygirl -The American site will have Everything But The…

      13 April at 18:06 ·
    • Paul –  Oh well, I’m up at crap o’clock again tomorrow.So, time for bed. Wanna join in a little Karamel Sutra xxx

      13 April at 20:23 ·


I’ve been using this nickname online for years. It refers to my love of premium ice cream in general and Benandjerry’s in particular. My favourite flavour was Caramel Chew Chew but I seldom buy it these days. When it first hit the market over here it had lots of gloopy caramel and some caramel-filled chocolates in it and I absolutely adored it. Gradually though the thick caramel has been reduced and the chocolates have been increased and although I wouldn’t refuse a bowl (as if), it is no longer something I go out of my way to buy.

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