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The Wedding – Venues, Ayrshire

Castles include:





and my own personal favourite



Western House









Wedding on a Budget

Weddings – it’s all a bit expensive isn’t it? Couples run around making the day perfect and find themselves spending an average of £18,000.

How to make it your day without running up your personal debt

The dress

Consider outlets – For example Monsoon has a section for discontinued lines including wedding dresses. This example might not be to everybody’s taste but at under £70 it is a considerable saving on the hundreds women usually spend. There are also bespoke sites like Bride Bubble.



In Scotland it is possible to get married on a beach or a ruin or a hillside if you can persuade the owner of the site and a registrar to carry out the ceremony. Historic Scotland owns several interesting sites such as Elgin Cathedral. The wedding would be memorable and, depending on the weather would provide stunning photographs. More possibilities


All hotels now can be wedding venues. Most will cut a good deal if you are prepared to get married mid-week or out of season. Most have gardens or marquees for that special moment. One example is Dalmeny Park or there are country places like Enterkine but only go for a hotel if you want the traditional reception. Remember you can book a meal in any hotel for a specific number without the need to call it a “wedding”. Some have small function rooms and will offer a set menu if you tell them it is a small family gathering which will be considerably cheaper. It is also possible to hire a local hall and cater the event yourself if you don’t mind the work that this will entail.


Marks and Spencer makes cakes and favours to suit most budgets but if even that is too much you can use any supermarket and order a white cake like this one from Asda but you can also order from a local bakery or even make the cake yourself.

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