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Little Boy

A tolling bell to remember unspeakable horror,
Flash and boom followed by
Blackened rain on the dead and dying.
Ash, smoke and fiery fallout –
An instant crumbling of edifices and tradition.

No country makes a weapon they
Are not prepared to use.
So Enola Gay’s Little Boy exploded
Over Hiroshima while little children
Got ready for school.


Family History Log

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Family bible evidence

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Family History Log

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In Family History Log 1, I posted a photo of my grandmother Madge and her mother Marjorie etc. This photo is of Marjorie senior and her husband Charles Edward Miller. Charles Edward was a research chemist who had a burgess ticket, meaning he paid taxes and had a vote at a time when most men didn’t.

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This is my grandmother Madge with her husband Bryce. He was a bit of a rogue. His father George and his wife Isabella are also in the photo.

Family History Log

I have been studying genealogy records for the family so will use this section of the blog to record things as I find them. The further back I go, the more interesting I find it. I would encourage you all to research your own families because the main thing I’m finding out is that we are all connected in ways that we never imagined.

So first photo is of my grandmother on my father’s side. She was Marjory Miller and is second on the left. Her mother, also Marjory (nee Gemmell Simson) is on her left. The elderly woman on the right is her aunt Amy who was really called Margaret Cross Miller and my grandmother’s younger sister Janette Wilhelmina Miller is on the far right. Janette or Nette as she was called looks strangely tall but actually my grandmother must have been only about 5 ft 3 so perhaps Nette is not as tall as the photo implies.

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There is a description about Nette here:

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