Vera – welcome back     Season 10 | Episode 1 | Length 2 hours Episode 1 – Blood Will Tell: DCI Vera Stanhope investigates the case of a murdered entrepreneur whose legacy of unpaid debts and ruined lives leaves no shortage of suspects.   Vera opened with one of those scenes that almost looked like a channelContinue reading “Vera – welcome back”

The Drop- Mick Herron

I picked up this teeny tiny novella because I was going on holiday and to be perfectly honest, I wanted a quick read on the train. 112 half sized pages fitted the bill for a journey to Auchterarder. Despite mentioning Brexit this is a rather old fashioned spy story. Apparently it’s a filler while fansContinue reading “The Drop- Mick Herron”

The Dry – Jane Harper

The Dry by Jane Harper is an investigation by a reluctant protagonist into the murder/suicide  of a former friend and his family. Falk is there at the behest of Luke’s father because he doesn’t believe his son can have murdered his wife and son. Falk has only returned because Luke’s Old Man knows that Falk liedContinue reading “The Dry – Jane Harper”

Something to Tell You – Lucy Diamond

I believe that this author is quite popular, having a string of books to her name but this is the first one of hers I have read. The premise is simple enough, a woman turns up at an address looking for a man she has been told is her father and a neighbour directs herContinue reading “Something to Tell You – Lucy Diamond”

The Flip Side

When this film begins Ronnie has fallen for British film actor working in Australia, Henry. He declares passionate love for her and says she will come to London to be with him. Jump forward five five years and Ronnie is still in Australia juggling work, visits to her mother in an expensive care home andContinue reading “The Flip Side”

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window…

Allan Karlsson crawled out the window and creaked away from his old people’s home just before his 100th birthday party was to start. Allan is a man, like an elderly Forest Gump, travels the world causing and stopping explosions and wars. When not dining with Presidents and world leaders, Allan is by turns a mentalContinue reading “The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window…”

Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked is the kind of film that makes me keep my Sky Movie subscription going. Nick Hornby’s novel translates to the screen as a charming piece about what makes people, especially British people, tick.   O’Dowd plays Duncan, an obsessive fan of a reclusive formerly famous musician who dropped out of the rock sceneContinue reading “Juliet, Naked”

Lost In London

One film which I missed the buzz about on the night was Lost in London, written by, directed by and starring Woody Harrelson. I suppose it’s not surprising as it was only shown in one U.K. cinema on the night but viewed all across America as it happened. The idea is frighteningly simple: write, rehearseContinue reading “Lost In London”

A Diary from ’43

As Vigata celebrates St George’s Day, an elderly man, born locally, returns to Sicily after having lived in America for many years. On the same day a diary dating from WWII is discovered hidden in an old bunker. Inspector Montalbano is entrusted with the dark secrets revealed in the diary and starts to research theContinue reading “A Diary from ’43”