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April 2018


Gifted is a charming movie that explores the world of a gifted child whose mother is dead, leaving her uncle and grandmother to fight through the courts about her future. Her uncle has raised her for 6 and a 1/2 years but the grandmother comes on the scene following contact from the school principal when the uncle refuses a scholarship to a school for the gifted and talented because he wants his neice to have a normal childhood.

It’s the sort of film which has a gap-toothed, long-lashed child who knows right from wrong, even if the adults around her don’t always live up to those ideals themselves. Add into the mix a one-eyed cat, a besotted neighbour who likes to sing karaoke with the girl while the uncle tries to pick up women in the bar and underscore the pathos with an unusual soundtrack featuring Cat Stevens amongst others and you get a flavour of what is to come.

Watch it and revel in the basically sweet story with sadness thrown in for good measure.gifted movie


The Lives of Stella Bain – Anita Shreve

I read this book because it was the book club choice for April. I didn’t realise that it was a companion novel until after I had finished so I may be less reliable in my opinion as a result. Taken at face value as a standalone text, The Lives of Stella Bain tells the story of a woman volunteering as an ambulance driver in WW1 France. After being treated for leg injuries and having no recollection of who she is Stella goes to London to try and find the half-remembered someone at the Admiralty who can help her recover her memory. Her recovery is aided by a recently married man who uses Freudian analysis to try and help Stella recall who she is.

I did go and read the companion novel, All He Ever Wanted, afterwards. In AHEW the narrative is told by Stella’s first husband and he is portrayed as a man who is obsessed with his wife and career advancement. Although one would expect differences in a he said-she said narrative what happens to every character is so radically different in the telling that it is difficult to marry the two up. This was obviously done deliberately by Anita Shreve but whether we know either character well by the end is debatable. Whether we actually like either of them by the end is probably down to the reader themselves. For my part, both are unreliable and ultimately very foreign in their thought processes.

Anita Shreve died in March. Her books are generally worth reading but, the blurb of this one said it was part Downtown and part Atonement. Not true in either case.


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