I picked this up as a buy one get one half price deal and hadn’t heard anything about it beforehand. It is a “number 1 best seller” according to the blurb by an author who has written The Mummyfesto, 10 Reasons Not To Fall In Love and The Marriage Mender amongst others.

The story revolves around a busy mother, Lisa, who takes her child Ella to the park to play hide and seek before going home after picking her up from her parents’ house. When she is walking towards the tree to do her counting to 100 she takes a quick call on her mobile then continues to let Ella hide by finishing the count as promised. When she opens her eyes she can’t see her little girl and after looking in all the usual hiding spots asks for other people in the park to help her. Eventually she calls the Police and at this point the sinister nature of the disappearance plays out.

Each chapter is written by different characters – the mother Lisa, the abductor “The Piano Lady” and the abductor’s son. Because the reader finds out early on who took the little girl this is another whydoneit but there is a conceit towards the end that didn’t work for me because it was all so obvious. Personally I think that if you are going to use a “reveal” scenario then the reveal should be more of a shock and not one guessable towards the first third of the book.

Another pool read for all that.