Two weeks ago I was through in Edinburgh for the day and decided to pop into the EE store on Princes Street as I was due an upgrade. After looking at various models of phone I chose to go for the LGG5 because the camera functionality is important to me. The chap who sold it to me couldn’t have been nicer and when I got home after a long day moving over from my old phone to my new phone wasn’t really an issue even although the micro SIM is a bit dodgy if your fine motor skills are poor.


Nice appearance

Pleasant tone

Lock code can be set for varying amounts of time so that it doesn’t power down too quickly and there is a fingerprint version for further security if that is important to you.

The camera does take clear photos and although I haven’t had time to play around much with it yet the phone seems to sinc well between apps, especially the social media ones.(see below)

The version of fit-bit on the phone which measures footsteps is certainly motivating to try and take more exercise.


Upgrading installed apps – needed to do that within a couple of days

The Power button has stopped working after only 2 weeks – seriously!

EE through 150 – again a lovely chap called Michael – were in agreement the phone is faulty and will replace it. Unfortunately I was told to go back to Edinburgh to return it. Sadly, for me, this will be a 5 hour round trip by train.

It was suggested by Michael’s manager that I try Ayr to see if they have stock but they are not answering their phone 0845 097 1868 and although I have left a message no-one has returned my call.

So my choices are – get an early train tomorrow – my only day off till next weekend – and go to Edinburgh (round trip 5 hours and around £36) or wait till Ayr opens tomorrow on the off-chance they will have the right phone in stock and be willing to muck up their stock control.

What have I learned?

Newer isn’t always better.

Never upgrade your phone in a shop that isn’t near your home.

Customer Service is an old fashioned notion.