Two Night Stand explores that apparent phenomenon of people using the internet to have random sex with a stranger in order to get over a failed relationship and “get back on the horse”.

Megan is someone with a pre-med degree who studied in order to meet the man who would be her husband rather than actually become a doctor. When her ex-fiance leaves her she doesn’t do anything of value – no work, no studying, no paying her rent. Her options are to move on or move out as her room mate is getting tired of coming home after a hard day to find that Megan hasn’t moved from her place on the sofa.

The “booty call” seems like the shake up Megan might need except that she ignores the weather warnings on TV and ends up getting showed in with Mr-1-Night-Stand.

What could possibly go wrong, right?

There’s lots of exposition about why people fail at relationships because they lie at the beginning. Will it help to be brutally honest in a trapped environment to find out what really makes another person tick?

The film is a 15, more because of the drug usage than the sex scenes I should imagine.

If you like your rom-com wordy with a message, catch this on Sky Movies this week.