This 12 episode series is set mostly in Sweden and as it was a co-production goes between Swedish and English to suit both potential audiences. Basically it is a police procedural with two protagonists – one Swedish and one American – both chasing a murderer who appears to be doing the same thing in different countries. What the men have in common is that they have both lost their wives/partners and use work as a way of covering up the flaws that they have and memories that won’t go away easily.

The series veers between the quirky, for example a talking ghost that appears every so often to fill in the back story, and the risqué with more than a nod to The Story of O.

All the things we have come to expect from Scandi drama are there, an autistic officer – check, father/daughter misunderstandings – check, annoying mobile phone ring tones – check, tunnels and bridges – check and antagonists who are too clever to be caught at the start of the series.

You probably won’t see the ending coming, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Worth watching in a box-set-fest. Don’t expect to sleep easily afterwards though.