A volatile Egypt, complementary cocktails and the beautiful Sophie looking for a coffee while flirting with Jonathan Pine, the eponymous Night Manager. Jonathan sits down and agrees to photocopy sensitive Iron Last documents in his private office and store them in his safe as Sophie’s  insurance policy in case something should happen to her. And so it began. The foreshadowing of napalm being important to the plot line happened within the first fifteen minutes of episode one.

Rescuing Sophie from her abusive Freddie and driving her through the desert came all too easily to a man apparently working in the hotel trade. Mr Pine had many talents, and many voices. Battered Sophie, or Samira, was ever so grateful for some of them.

The Hamid family owned too much of London and UK political parties for Samira to be safe there, according to the embassy contact. London wasn’t an option. The changing of the guard comment by Samira indicated her acceptance of her only possible future, one without Jonathan.

Four years later Jonathan is in Switzerland, still a Night Manager, but finally getting the chance to meet the antagonist of the piece – Richard Roper.