The avalanche has caused a total blackout. Plunged into darkness, the town’s inhabitants are anxious and afraid. Meanwhile, the mayor has a surprise visitor.


“No moon, no stars, just pitch black darkness.”

The early lines in episode 4 described an incident in the past but applied to the situation the community now found themselves in – completely cut off and now without power or working phones. Crawling free from an avalanche with only a torch to find the others, Andri had a hard task ahead of him. This contrasted with card games by candlelight that his family were playing. Their “dark” was much more pleasant.

An emergency generator was set up in one part of the town and the ship still had power. The card games there allowed for the baddie to find out that the black girls who had been trafficked were still in the town and, of course, he passed this on to the captain.

Andri had to fetch a doctor for the older man who was trapped in the snow. He thought the ship would have a doctor to help but even the cars were completely covered in snow and his journey would have to be on foot. Goemunder’s life depended on it.

Hinrika meanwhile was finding out from the voyeur with the telescope all the secrets of the townsfolk – who was beaten, who was cheating…all very salacious. A life alone had turned him into an unpleasant person but his questions were valid – why did women stay with bastards and ignore better men? Her husband was out looking for her, leaving the trafficked girls alone.

There was a cut to teenage girls wanting to go and get drunk, while pointing out that there was a crazed killer on the loose – what could possibly go wrong?

The shed was hotter in the end than the swimming pool party.

Amid general disquiet, the town’s inhabitants gather in the church, where they demand answers. Police chief Andri Olafsson is tasked with speaking to them and he must tell the truth.

Connections or no connections between the murders? Any links seemed tenuous. Answers were hard to give. Four bodies, an understaffed police department and the remaining population unable to get away. The investigating team from Reykjavík could not get through. It’s one of us, was the disquieting message. No false promises of protection or salvation, all Andri could promise was that the murders would eventually be solved.