Episodes 3 and 4 of 10

The town is still cut off from all help by snowstorms and pack ice, and the local police have somehow managed to lose both the victim’s body and the only suspect. Unable to prove his suspicions about the captain of the ferry, Andri finally gets a new lead when people start sharing photos of the corpse online.

With the murderer still at large, unrest is beginning to grow among the still-trapped townspeople and tourists. The police’s list of potential suspects is becoming larger, but with discontent growing and the looming threat of an avalanche above the town, they face a race against time to unravel the mystery.

The cliff hanger at the end of episode 2 was quickly resolved at the beginning of episode 3. It did however make us wonder about the motivations of the man who had been burned at the start of episode 1 and the man in the wheelchair with the telescope. Both men are now voyeurs who watch rather than act. One posts his photos on social media while he explores death and dying while the other just seems to use the information against his neighbours in a power game of his own concoction. Neither acted to save the children so it was just as well that Andri and his wife arrived individually to save the day.

We got a few Icelandic sweaters, conversations about future wealth and glimpses into the life of a cuckolded husband. There was further violence, discussions about the nature of bereavement and the investigation seemed to take two steps forward and one step back. There were flashes of brilliance about a cinematic clue to the identity of the poster of the torso on social media from the same cop who had ineptly been cornered by an earlier criminal. The characters are quite well rounded.

This week’s offering ended with a cliff hanger on an actual cliff.

Who survives the avalanche remains to be seen.