An Apricot

Everything is ready for Salvo’s move to Genova – except, it would seem, Salvo himself. As he contemplates a new life away from his beloved Sicily and prepares to hand his role over to his deputy, soon to beinspector, Mimi’ Augello, Montalbano can’t help but be drawn deep into one last investigation.

A young woman has been found dead in what appears to have been a tragic accident, her car discovered at the bottom of a cliff with her body in it. But the evidence doesn’t add up and, despite Augello’s readiness to accept the easy conclusion, Montalbano remains convinced that the inconsistencies of the case need unpicking further. With only a few days to go till his planned move, will our most Sicilian of inspectors manage to extricate himself from Vigata?

Salvo, Salvo! How could you turn your back on your lifetime love to stay and tidy up the crimes of Vigata? Food, the wind-swept sea. playboy Mimi and Catarella’s mispronunciations had more pull than Livia’s slinky hips, sun bleached hair and sad eyes. And Salvo had made that decision at the fork in the road only to find out when he arrived back at the station that there had been a catastrophic attack in Palermo. It was obvious even to Livia that Salvo’s place was always going to be in Sicily, fighting crime and the Mafia.