What should we do?

Leave the food on the plate and hope they take note?

Ask to speak to the manager despite the other customers?

Pay up but not leave a tip?

Complain on social media?


Once upon a time it was all so simple, we’d complain face to face and maybe get something taken off our bill in recompense or if they didn’t we’d cross that place off our list for future meals out.

Now we have a range of options such as taking to Twitter or Trip Advisor to vent our spleen. A quick conversation has been replaced by a permanent written comment which may affect the future business much more than the writer may have intended.

Today we spent over £30 on two Roast Beef Sunday lunches followed by coffee and tea. The beef was terribly tough and I left mine on the plate. Now it wasn’t the waitress’s fault and she was perfectly pleasant. The manager did not ask why the beef was left on the plate and the bill was for the full amount but we didn’t leave a tip.

Here’s the thing, this is a local franchise and their nearby establishment has succulent cuts of meat but this  other venue used a cheaper silverside cut with no marbling. It was so lean and well done that there wasn’t a hope of it being tender.

I’m deeply disappointed.