Fires and heroism have featured in the past two Montalbano storylines. Last week Montalbano was the reckless fool entering the burning hotel and this week it was Mimi rescuing someone from the exploding fireworks factory. Mafia family feuds feature more frequently in Young Montalbano than they every did in the original stories.

Mimi continued to be a rogue and a scoundrel, suggesting that he fix up Salvo with a German tourist or an Italian twin while Livia was away. Salvo remained monastic concentrating on the fishing boat death and the difficulties Fazio was having in his personal life.

Catarella meanwhile tripped over door frames, did crosswords, pinned up photos of fugitives and nearly passed out when he saw his own blood. Italian humour is of the slap-stick kind.

Cipolla the fisherman who shot his shipmate was either an angry husband, a pre-meditated murderer or someone who needed to defend himself off the coast of North Africa depending on which version of the shooting was true.

Wedding suit fittings, shoe catalogue photos and festival confetti all were used to show us Salvo’s nervousness about the wedding plans. Livia’s love of fun and spontaneity was demonstrated by her having booked a table at a Shrove Tuesdsay carnival party. Salvo’s commitment to his job was demonstrated by the shoot out in the car park while she watched aghast on the steps.

Livia’s criticisms of Salvo and his commitment to her were spot on. She was unable to live the lot of a policeman’s wife and put any future children through the uncertainties of wondering if daddy would come home. Salvo on the other hand was not willing to give up his attitude to police investigations that made him who he was.