Rum 302

Beck 302 opened with “bad Arabs” robbing a man, Peter Ahre, of his car and wallet at gunpoint closely followed by a very young girl’s corpse being discovered by a hotel maid next morning.

A new boss has joined the team – Klas – and he made it clear from the off that he was a “hands-on/foot on filing cabinet” sort.

There are two references to “not being afraid to get your hands dirty” within the first ten minutes.

The ex boyfriend of Denise was the first prime suspect but the first arrests are the Arabs seen holding up Peter at the start. They are pictured using drugs and the arrests cause riots in an immigrant enclave. The new boss makes obscure racist comments about Star Wars being better than Ali Baba.

As the episode continues it becomes apparent that things are far more complex than the original mugging suggested. Timelines or phone calls and credit card payments prove that things were not as they appeared and family dynamics are explored but at the heart of it all is loss and sorrow.