Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the film Enemy, playing two characters who are identical physically but differ emotionally.

Adam is an assistant professor at a University who teaches on the topic of panem et circenses and the repetitive nature of government control cycles. Although his lectures are contentious he seems oblivious of the fact that he is living under such control himself. He is self-contained – although he has a very attractive blonde girlfriend – and never watches films. A colleague seems to be trying to tell him something and he suggests that Adam watch a particular film. The film he watches has a doppelganger in it and this proves to be the turning point for Adam. He still seems to ignore dictatorship graffiti on the underpass and gigantic spiders dominating the skyline as he turns his energies to investigating why he looks so much like a minor actor.

The actor Anthony has appeared in three minor roles but seems to live a more luxurious life. His wife – also blonde – is six months pregnant but Anthony is emotionally removed from her. He is seen at the beginning of the film watching a woman in heels ritually kill a spider with her high heels in the company of men who seem to be secretive and paying for the privilege.

Gradually the film explores emotional connections, physical similarities and dangerous liaisons.

There are repetitions, meetings, odd conversations, deaths and spiders.

The final scene to me indicated a final understanding that Adam’s life was a construct and that he had been under the control of those in power all along. But, what do you think?