Rosie Gilmour, the central character, is a Glasgow journalist who thrives on adventures to get to the centre of the action despite advice to the contrary. All the stock characters are there – the jaded hack who can’t quite be trusted, the gruff editor with the heart of gold, the supportive colleagues and the boyfriend who may or may not be having an affair.

Glasgow offers up a wealth of characters for novels like this. In this instance the High Rise flats offer a backdrop for refugees escaping war-torn climes only to meet the hatred of uneducated locals and the dangers posed by legal aid lawyers, office cleaners and the pharmaceutical industry.

There are many “Come on!” moments where you will have to park your disbelief and there are similarities with Denise Mina’s “Paddy” Meehan character. But, if you like your Noir “tartan” this may well be the book for you.