When we arrived yesterday it coincided with a wedding which was about to take place. It’s bizarre that wedding guests can mingle in the bar area while waiting to go through to the venue proper and I wonder what they thought of us in our jeans and tops while they were decked in Killie tartan and lace, satin and fake diamonds. We were piped in by a lone piper “just in case” and saw the table top magician putting on little shows while the bridal party went to various locations to get their photos taken.

We were there for lunch and a catch-up. Although I like the look of the Park Hotel inside and there is always lots of parking, I find the bar food to be mediocre and basic. In the past I’ve had dried out baked potatoes, tough steak sandwiches and salty pastrami. I decided to go for a BLT which normally can’t go wrong. The BLT was passable but I’ve had better versions of it elsewhere.

Where the Park does do well is in the area of cake and coffee. There were others having afternoon tea who seemed to have a good selection on the cake stands and that might be a better option for us next time. I had the brownie which was delicious and we also had a couple of coffees and a soft drink all of which came to £15 per head including a £5 tip. The staff are really friendly so we keep going back but the mains in the bar area need some pepping up. The Blues bar and Bistro upstairs has a much better menu and a disabled lift for those who need it.