Three months ago – okay it was Valentine’s Day which makes this even worse – we had a really disappointing home delivery from Papa John’s in Kilmarnock. The pizza was cold and the dessert was the wrong one. I told the delivery person who seemed incapable of understanding that the dessert delivered was not the one ordered. We didn’t know how cold the pizza was until after he had left. I got the impression we were at the end of a chain of deliveries and that we were given what he had left in the van.

I tweeted about the disappointment and immediately their official Papa John account replied and told me to get in touch with someone called Sarah who would deal with it after the weekend.

I was asked to provide full details on the receipt and send them by e-mail which I duly did.

Then nothing.



After a month I wrote again to ask what was happening and I got a vague response about the “franchisee” and she was sorry that I had had a disappointing experience.

In this day and age that is not good enough. There are too many other companies who deliver and get it right to order from someone who gets it wrong and doesn’t address the issue with redress.

We haven’t used them since. We used to order every few weeks but the cold pizza and incorrect dessert left a bad taste in our mouths.

It is ironic therefore that Papa John’s are now trumpeting about their “guarantee” that they will replace their pizza if it is not up to standard.

That was not our experience.