Over My Dead Body is a book about organ transplantation from the point of view of various people who are part of one case. Ellie, or Elvira, is involved in a fatal traffic accident and the first few chapters concern the arguments for and against honouring Ellie’s wishes to be an organ donor when her mother is so set against it.

The rest of the book is about all the others who are involved such as the nurse coordinator, organ transportation man, police officer, part-time minister and various people who have been waiting for transplants.

The chapters are short and flit in and out of various voices as monologues by gravesides, letters and telephone conversations draw a complex picture of the ethical conundrum that death and donation make.

The only criticism I have is around a sub-plot for a character called Sally which in my opinion was superfluous. Either more needed to be made of it or it should have been removed.