The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire North explores what would happen if some humans kept coming back to relive their lives. Still human enough to try to make connections with family or love but with every life acquiring more and more knowledge about science, politics, how to acquire money etc. Meeting others with the same capacity can be a blessing or a curse. The novel bounces around between the lives as the further down the line Harry gets, the more patterns he starts to spot and he uses knowledge from a previous life to help him with a tricky problem in his current one.

Why it might be happening at all is examined as is the ripple effect of doing something outwith its expected time-slot.

We probably imagine that if we just killed Hitler in his mother’s womb that the atrocities of WW2 wouldn’t occur but life as we know is more complex than that.

Harry meets some people who are constant in his life – constant helpers or antagonists but mostly the novel is about Harry trying to prevent an upcoming catastrophe without drawing too much attention to himself.

I read this in several sections rather than as a long read over a short space of time. I think it would benefit the reader to finish it off less disjointedly than I as at times I was confused about which life we were in.

Overall, however, a solid 7/10.