When growing up I first encountered the “comfy chair” Monty Python sketch which gleaned its comedy from the idea that something comfortable could be a method of torture.

As I have aged I have found this to be sadly true – comfort is a torture!

See that recliner that looks and feels blissful in the showroom? Once home in your lounge it will cause your hips to lock so that when you rise you will initially waddle to the kitchen because the flexibility has temporarily gone.

And that plush velvet low level settee next to the open fire? Good luck getting back up again an hour after slipping into its comforting embrace.

I have found that Arthritis can be dealt with by sitting in straight-backed chairs for short periods, moving around as frequently as possible, avoiding citric acid fruits on an empty stomach, drinking strong coffee and taking cool showers or paddling in the sea. Above all though, avoid the comfy chair!