Bill’s is part of a well known chain in England. They have been open for a short while in Glasgow. There is an industrial vibe with exposed metal in the ceiling space/ brickwork etc. and this is juxtaposed with shelves of expensive olive oils and other kitchen gifts on sale.

They have an early evening menu but for some reason we were not offered this even though we arrived at 5.45.

We had one starter of pate with crusty bread. The pate was served in a reclaimed babyfood jar which was cute and certainly a good way to store pate without it going darker in colour.

We also had two Aperol Spritz drinks as “refreshments” and then proceeded to the mains. I had the sirloin with a cup of fries and my companion had a burger. This was followed by a scone, a chocolate brownie, a coffee and a tea.

To be honest I was surprised that this came to £71 including the compulsory tip. It seems a tad expensive for tea.

I also particularly object to being forced to give a tip of 10%. Don’t get me wrong, I used to work in the industry and so always tip well but that is my choice. I think that compulsory tips can lead to a blase performance by staff who know they will be rewarded no matter what the standard they provide is. Just me, or do you agree?

That gripe aside however, the food was tasty and the place was very busy. Whether it can continue to compete for early evening end-of-work-day clients remains to be seen.