On Saturdays the HAC Bar at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine has two menus which run alongside one another during the 12-2 normal lunch slot. Whilst it is nice to have a traditional lunch, it is a rare treat to have a late breakfast. The breakfast menu has the usual bacon and egg option and also vegetarian options. They do a delicious French toast with bacon and Maple syrup. Yesterday my companion had this and said it was as good as it looked. I opted instead for salted porridge with cream followed by toast with butter and jam with the bread being from a traditional loaf rather than a shop-bought one. The coffee came with a large shortbread biscuit and with the addition of a Hot Cranberry Canadian Apple drink it still came in at just over £7 per head. Reasonable prices, nice surroundings and views and delicious food with the current art exhibit to look at afterwards. What more could one want on a Saturday afternoon?

Alcohol? They have that covered too.


They also do special menus on other days and provide papers for the lone visitor. The staff are friendly and recognise the regular visitor. There is also a loyalty card.