Situated in the former site of Velvet Apple in Troon, this new cafe has taken an old-fashioned approach to the cafe experience. Waitresses wearing black, floral patterns on the tea sets on the white linen tablecloths and a cash only approach mark this place out as rather different.

The soup is home made and said to be nice, but we didn’t try it ourselves opting instead for wraps and macaroni cheese followed by tea/coffee and cake.

The menu offers brunch, a soup and pudding combo and afternoon tea.

Their Facebook page is here.

It has the potential to be good but isn’t quite there yet.

For example the “home baking” of large cakes is baked elsewhere so they don’t know what ingredients are in the products – not good for people with allergies. They don’t take cash but don’t tell you that when you order. They have fancy crockery on the table but bring you your cake and coffee on plain white.

When I was a girl I used to get taken for a treat to Wendy’s in Glasgow. My favourite thing was when they brought over the cake trolley with cakes under glass. They used pink tongs to take the slice and put it on your plate. It was the best ceremony in the world for a little girl. If you’re going to put fancy plates on the table they need to be for more than just effect.

They close early (4.30, 5 depending on the day of the week) which rules out High Tea which is something I think people really miss in Scotland. It’s also a good way for places with home baking to use up the fare they didn’t sell earlier in the day.

I hope they iron out these teething problems because there are other places nearby who are already up and running. Competition is fierce so it needs to be right to have staying power.

I’ll give it another try in a few weeks as I’m sure everything will be tickety-boo by then.