Before I Go To Sleep is a fictionalised thriller based on real life cases where following head trauma someone wakes up each day with no memory of several decades of their life. Imagine waking every morning and recognising nothing. When you’ve stopped screaming at the stranger in bed next to you and made it to the bathroom someone with crows feet and grey hair stares back at you in the bathroom mirror and there are stretch marks  and wrinkles on the young body you thought you had. Such is Christine’s life every day. The man in her bed says he is her husband and has photos to prove it but as the days run into one another and she starts to keep a secret journal about the events of the day so she can hopefully begin to remember more, much of what he tells her seems suspect. However, Christine begins to find out more and more about herself that makes it likely that she is the one who is wrong.

Novels with an unreliable witness narrating the tale are common enough but as Christine begins to investigate who has caused her accident that made her lose her memory the plot becomes a pacy page turner with a new suspect every few pages.

It is a first novel and has already been turned into a film which will be released later this year. The film starring Nicole Kidman is likely to be a hit although I wonder if those who love the novel will find the denoument as thrilling with the game already given away.