A well-known restaurant owner Paulo Salina was kidnapped at gunpoint, leading Kurt to investigate.

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Voluntary redundancies and transfers loomed – a proposal, but the writing was on the wall. Cutbacks meant rationalising services and Malmo was going to be the centre of policing in the area.

Jussi like any dog was playing on the fact that Wallander fed him whenever he barked. Wallander forgetting what he had done only moments before. His absences were more worrying when he was in the job though, introducing himself and then looking puzzled about why he was there with his shoelaces undone. The police procedural board at work to follow the investigation was mimicked at home but for much more mundane things like where to keep the keys – it was all quite tragic. Martisson was set up as the informant on Wallander’s state of mental accuity as he fought for his own job at Malmo CID.

Tjader was mentioned as an aggressive suspect who felt cheated by Salina but his pregnant wife gave him a solid alibi as he was attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting but although that was where Kurt and Linda found him he had, he claimed, been on a bender the night before. Solina meanwhile was locked in a box reciting Swedish literature about travelling through dark forests. It was almost bibilcal.

When Tjader turned up dead with a needle in his arm next day it seemed to be a clever murder almost, but not quite, impossible to detect.

Kurt’s anger grew as he realised what was happening to him. Old age wasn’t pretty and an aggressive decline seemed just around the corner. No wonder Linda fretted. Covering up wasn’t a justifiable option for her any more.

Leif Thorson, a Malmo detective, was in it up to his neck but just because he was corrupt it didn’t mean that he too wasn’t a pawn of someone more important. He was allowed to run off into the snow without shoes or his bullets. That he turned up in his apartment with a gunshot would to his head was murder. Jenny had no alibi and a strong motive as her police partner and lover Maria had been deliberately run over and killed. Kurt though had been forced into resignation and wouldn’t be able to officially help bring the top corrupt office to book but we all knew who it was even before the little girl pointed it out to a somewhat confusd Wallander.

There were lots of close ups of men without shoes in this episode – does it mean something significant in Swedish culture?

And so with a fade to blur Wallander was out of the force and relegated to a life of snow swept walks on the beach with daily visits from family. The joy of children the one constant.