So of course Kurt hadn’t told Linda he had Alzheimer’s , having had to watch her Grandfather go through it and provide more of the care than Kurt it was better she didn’t know until she had to.  Stoicly Kurt threw the unopened medicine into his glove compartment and arrived late to an arson attempt in the area with a well rehearsed story about having been to the dentist. The victims of this assault had a relative called Tommy who had previously had problems and as his dog had been shot it seemed as if it was a likely line of enquiry. Tommy was a convicted arsonist – case closed?

His previous victim who was badly disfigured didn’t have a verifiable alibi. 

Jussi was back on the scene – where had he been – and the post it notes were everywhere in Kurt’s house. The non-Swede had no idea of course what they said. They might have been significant to the case or shopping lists but they were an indication that Kurt needed to keep more meticulous records than he had in the past to survive. 

Boys have a fascination with fire and as it gushed from a spray can one could see why it was thought to be “cool”.

Episodic fuzzy vision and memory lapses became more pronounced and Tommy seemed more and more guilty. Could Kurt recover enough sanity to solve the case?