In this episode Kurt’s losses of memory became increasingly apparent. Just as his father had been able to function to a certain extent as long as he focused on his repainting the same scene over and over, Kurt could function as long as it was by following the procedures of police work. He walked out in the middle of a date to follow a suspect at one point, quite forgetting that he was being shown how to get the best position for knocking bowling pins down in his next attempt at a strike.

Increasingly more English is being used as part of the script as medical experts and Eastern Europeans  talk in English, which is either an indication that English is the “go-to” language when Swedish isn’t understood in Sweden or a nod to the popularity of Nordic noir in this country.

Kurt’s memory comes and goes and if he concentrates long enough he remembers the items hidden under the cover during an assessment of his cognitive function. Kim’s Game was innocent enough when we were children, who knew it would be the tool to determine how good our short term memory was when our functions were failing?

The case itself revolved around , a blood-soaked girl shot in darkness, making a call to emergency services. who later turns up when a digger is clearing land. As she is a truck-stop Romanian prostitute she is unloved and has been unreported as missing. Nadia had also given birth but the baby is missing. The primary suspect is Tigran who says he is a model scout, invites girls over to have modelling portfolios made. The girls of course never get any modelling work and end up in debt and have to pay it off with prostitution. Kurt despite being forgetful knows that going to Moldova might give some answers.Kurt’s increasingly erratic behaviour distances him from his boss and colleagues and only his daughter Linda and grandchild trust him to do the right thing.

False leads and clifftop chases make up the rest of the script and those in the frame are whittled down to the final two.

The case is resolved and there is a certain amount of happiness as a baby is reunited with its Romanian family and Linda announces her own pregnancy. Kurt however gets his letter with a medical diagnosis – which we do not see – but as he then goes to the garden to stare moodily out to sea, we must assume it is the worst. I kept waiting for the letter to blow away as this final scene took what seemed like a long time but this ponderous shot never became anything else.

The dog, where’s the dog? Jussi? Jussi?