An angry wife, an apartment to die for and plastic sheeting in the ground floor bathroom -what could possibly go wrong?

The first two minutes of brutality were reminiscent of Psycho, all plastic, sharp knives and monochromatic due to it being watched again on CCTV by someone more interested in capturing the image than reporting the crime. The assailant was off camera but the audience were naturally assuming it was the husband Eric, unless they were fans of Wallander.

The body turned up elsewhere later and cruelly the woman who discovered it called the daughter to come as a witness, not realising the connection. Julia’s daughter Amanda collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. The description of the person seen acting suspiciously near where the body was found matched the person we had seen watching the CCTV image. Julia’s phone might yield clues but Wallander had already found out that her husband had not reported her missing but Amanda had. Eric was a rat caught in a trap. A phone surreptitiously slipped into his pocket made that clear with repeated texts and calls.

Linn the mistress was seemingly reluctant to provide an alibi but sex and pity made her see things differently.

Amanda’s boyfriend Oscar had an alibi of a reunion but that wasn’t helped by his lack of knowledge about where his former friends lived these days.He was a bit of a scoundrel though, ditching Amanda after a decent interval.

Kurt juggled the complexities of the case while trying to pursue a romantic interest in Bea and pacify Linda when he turned up late for dinner. He remembered his difficulties with Linda when she had been the same age as Amanda and because of the scarring up her arms was concerned she should have someone to talk to. And she certainly did need help, although not quite so much as Kurt.