A pair of estranged parents being filmed arguing by their worried daughter Ella before she goes off on her bike to bunk off school. Her friend Josefin is ill in bed and the sweetshop owner Viktors has given her a double treat. The audience sees amidst a muted colour palate her blue DBS bike being thrown into a lake, and we can’t help but fear the worst. Ella isn’t answering her mobile and the mother and her friends have been looking in the bushes for hours.

Wallander is back, sober and armed.  He finds the jelly heart covered in ants and with the aid of police dogs finds Ella’s den so it is obvious that she has a pattern of hiding. Both parents have been bickering over sole custody and all too eager to blame the other. The police line of inquiry is one of abduction/custody rather than murder. The father had a back up plan to take Ella to Chile if he lost the court case so everyone assumes he has placed her somewhere out of harm’s way. However a helicopter, police officers and volunteers are brought in to scour the surroundings to find something, anything that will lead them to Ella. While Martisson presses the mother on her morning routine and a missed phone call, Wallander ponders a plastic pen and an old case from 2002. Two missing girls, two mothers under suspicion and two pens of the same brand left behind by the little girls.