New series. 1/6. The Troubled Man

When his son-in-law’s father goes missing, Wallander’s investigations uncover espionage. In Swedish with English subtitles. 


The final season of Wallander opened dramatically in 1982 Cold War skirmishes between a Russian sub and Swedish boats at a top secret Swedish archipelago then shifted to 2012 and a body being raised to the surface in a fisherman’s net. The elderly fisherman looked wistfully into the distance amidst muted blues, greys and whites.

Kurt, Linda and her daughter Klara were all domesticity and normality. Kurt was getting the chance to have a do over and make up for the years when work was more important than his home life but he still needed to go for a drink after it all. Kurt woke up next day, back in his beach house having missed several calls and leaving his gun at the by now closed bar. Unwashed and unkempt he made for work only to find that the waiter had handed it in claiming that Wallander had been drunk so suspension it was. The bright sunlight of the beach while Wallander felt sorry for himself made the rather dissolute Kurt look even more disheveled. Linda understood, only too well. Being the grown up child of an alcoholic is no easier than being the let down child she once was.

Linda’s father-in-law, still important in Government circles due to being an Admiral, was celebrating his 75th birthday at an international bash – giving an excuse for an English language section in speeches. It allowed for a full exposition of historical plot for the audience here. I wonder if that bit was done in a variety of languages given the popularity of Wallander world-wide.

Next day Kurt had a flash of anger at one of his colleagues Martinsson who had come offering Danish pastries and sympathy but when Linda’s father-in-law went for a walk and hadn’t returned after four days he went to Stockholm at the request of Linda’s husband. An investigation outside the police force wasn’t what he wanted to do but it was time to call in family favours to get to the bottom of what might have happened.

The fisherman, it seemed, had been out searching for 30 years for his missing son and Lundberg’s assumption was that the case would be covered up once more. He trusted no-one and as black-clad men had to be hunted off his property in the middle of the night by him firing a gun it seemed as if he was right. The only surprise was when he was photographed next day meeting Linda’s mother in law in a park for a conversation neither of them should have been having.

Kurt was definitely having absences but were they the ones associated with the dementia his father had, connected to his drinking, his diabetes or just those of a distracted man?

Stockholm might provide the answers.




Krister Henriksson Kurt Wallander
Fredrik Gunnarsson Svartman
Mats Bergman Nyberg
Douglas Johansson Martinsson
Marianne Mörck Ebba

Charlotta Jonsson Linda Wallander
Signe Dahlkvist Klara Wallander
Leonard Terfelt Hans von Enke