Detective drama series. When a suspected poacher is found dead from a gunshot wound, Vera must unearth the real truth behind his return to the Northumberland moors.

Before the watershed but with a verbal warning before the opening scene the camera rotated and closed in on a stag which was dragged away into the dark dark night. The next shot when it came though blasted a man in the chest who fell back wards, then a vehicle was covered in fuel and set alight. The nighttime scene cut to next day when two young people on quad bikes racing along fields only for the girl to discover a body with a shotgun wound to the sternum.

Soya beans in the boot might have been used to lure the deer into an ambush but the season was well into the swing and the girl who found the body was the daughter of the cook working in “the big house” and she was on nodding terms with the victim. At the victim’s house however, as well as a probate application inside there was a bag of human hair in the barn. Curious.

Hair repels and fodder attracts. Confuse the beast and you’ve got him where you want him.

Shane Thurgood, the victim, had withdrawn from the sale of his cottage at asking price plus twenty per cent just prior to his death but he seemed to have no current connections with the area as his grandfather was now dead. The estate had wanted the cottage enough to want to pay over the odds but were they desperate enough to kill?

Linus Campion, had reported his untaxed and uninsured vehicle stolen that morning. A bit late as it had been torched two nights before with a dead stag in the back. His workmate claimed that the shooting had been done by Allen Barnes the Gamekeeper who coincidentally was his ex father-in-law and the children who had discovered the body were also his. It was all beginning to sound a bit suspect.

Unfaithful wives, unrequited love, surviving the recession and an ageing stag called The Emperor were all motivations for a kill. Were any of them the reason however? Watch it and see.

Cast list

Vera: Season 4, Episode 3
The Deer Hunters (May 11, 2014)
TV Episode
Overview Filmmakers Details

Brenda Blethyn – DCI Vera Stanhope
David Leon – DS Joe Ashworth
William Ash – Linus Campion
Kingsley Ben-Adir – Dr. Marcus Summer
Kellie Bright – Vanessa Barnes
Caolan Byrne – Eric Hurst
Clare Calbraith – Shep
Richard Dillane – Will Peyton
Souad Faress – Eve Jamshidi
Anna Francolini – Bella Colley
Charlotte Hope – Saskia Barnes
Tom Hutch – DC John Warren
Lisa Kay – Clara Peyton
Robert Morgan – Donald Colley
Jon Morrison – DC Kenny Lockhart
Aiden Nord – Louis Barnes
Greg Patmore – Terry
Clive Russell – Allen Barnes