You think the law is there to protect you, the consumer. You are incorrect. The law has been carefully worded to disempower the customer so that they end up feeling grateful that their non-working product is taken away to be repaired.

I bought a laptop on the 8th of December in 2013. At the end of March this year, around 3 and a half months of infrequent usage, the hard disk went. To me that seemed a clear cut case of something being unfit for purpose.

Not so, according to Tesco. “Every little helps” ironically is meaningless as they do everything they can to avoid giving a replacement.

The upshot is I have not only lost all documents saved to the laptop – academic research, professional enquiry papers etc – but I will have the same machine back allegedly fixed at some point this month with no guarantee that it won’t all happen again. This has already proven to be a major inconvenience. Not fit for purpose isn’t the half of it. I’ve spent money on 5p per minute “helplines” and tried dealing directly with the store. Tesco policy leaves employees and customers with no wiggle room.

Do you remember when the customer was right? Do you remember when customer care meant caring for the customer because you knew that was why you got repeat business?

Those days are gone.