Having had no working laptop for a couple of weeks, despite it being only 3 months old I’m now back online on more than just a smartphone. It was an odd experience.

Tesco have handled the problem very badly I feel and it will be a long time before I buy anything from them again. Those protections you think you have in law are meaningless when you are trying to argue your point with faceless smoke-laden “managers” who have no leeway to help out a customer. It was like a skit from Chewin’ the Fat.

I have bought  a new laptop from another supermarket and the quality of the staff in the other store was terrific and the sales return policy looks a whole lot better. Hopefully this new laptop will not need repaired but I feel more confident that Sainsbury’s will handle it better than Tesco did.

However, one plus point was that I rediscovered watching tv without feeling the need to comment on it other than to those in the room. RL caught up with me and maybe it was a lesson I needed to learn.