Rust and Marty are hailed as heroes after getting their man.

The present day investigation continued while Rust made figures out of empty beer cans. Rust wanted to see the new file but the team prevaricated wanting to hear more about  how DeWall Ledoux had been killed when cornered by Marty and Rust. The identical accounts given in the present day, and at the initial investigation by a board into the shooting, were used to narrate the actual events. Meth labs, two armed bad guys, kidnapped children and not calling for back-up almost ensured that it would not be a safe arrest situation.

Time is a flat circle and everything we’ve ever done or will do we’re going to do over and over and over again. There is no self and there is no free will. Rust’s soliloquies that life is a trap, a dream, or a program- being trapped in a kind of nightmarish ceaseless loop. Rust was convinced that we are all trapped in endless repetition of the same lives, situations and conversations over and over again.

Maggie and Marty mended fences and had a joint family day with the children. Marty was “in a programme” and talked about having a long road to climb and had a few years of marital bliss. Rust met a doctor, Laurie, who eased his soul and became known as the detective who could get a confession out of any perp. Marty, being Marty, was inattentive to his girls and before he knew it they grew up and he didn’t like what he saw. Parked in a car with two boys, naked and engaged in sex Audrey was found by a cop and brought home by Marty. He accused her of being captain of the varsity slut team and slapped her across the face. Rust meanwhile in 2002 tried to persuade a perp that his PCP use would allow for an insanity defence for his double murder shooting spree. It was only after he had been tricked into a confession that he tried to cut a plea by telling Rust about the Yellow King. Rust’s reaction made the confession inadmissible. Rust was worried that there may well have been other murders which had been covered up by the task force. The man he had interrogated however inconveniently turned up dead in his cell, apparently at his own hand. Rust lived off the grid for several years, then turned up at various investigations on the periphery. Rust walked out of the present day investigation and the scene faded to 2002 and a new discovery.


Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey)