On August 10th, Riccioni Beach Rimini, a scene of innocent children, nuns, Il Duce’s guards, Alsations and a murdered woman. Enter De Luca, stage right.

A broken watch suggested she had been killed at 9 o’clock the previous night. Her petticoat had been pulled down by one of the nuns to preserve her modesty but she was known to be a “showgirl” wearing no underwear. The children were oddly more interested in the fact that Il Duce was in residence over the dune than the body near them, all apart from one young lad who put a piece of evidence in the bag. Good luck with the forensics.

A fedora-hatted man tried to flee on an old fashioned bus so there was a shoot out but once captured he was beaten to within an inch of his life to give his statement. It was like being back in Iraq again…

“Truth always comes first!” lied the commissionaire.

And that would have been that, if another body hadn’t been discovered. Blondie, a well-manicured homosexual informant had been held down in the water and drowned and a journalist was asking awkward questions. More worryingly for De Luca he was wearing a bow tie, a well known anarchist trademark. Just as well he could do a blackshirt salute with the best of them, even while wearing his beach-white suit.

Miranda had had a new bigwig boyfriend that her friend couldn’t identify, thin faced was the main clue. She did however point to a photograph taken with someone else, well known for his green eyes.

If you like your police force brutal and your women abused. naked or wanton, this might be the series for you.

At the seaside resort of Riccione in 1938 the body of a young prostitute is found on a beach, not far from Mussolini’s holiday residence. The local chief of police, terrified that the news may become public, attempts to draw the matter to a swift close by charging the woman’s pimp with her murder, and earns praise from Il Duce in the process.

But Inspector De Luca, unconvinced that the case has been solved, continues to secretly investigate on his own. Set against the backdrop of sophisticated hotels and exclusive beach resorts in what was once considered to be the ‘summer capital’ of fascism, De Luca’s investigation soon starts to involve aspiring politicians, high-ranking state functionaries, seductive countesses, anti-fascist journalists and some of Mussolini’s own bodyguards.