Rust and Marty follow a new lead on a suspect, which takes them to dangerous biker territory. Contains strong language, drug abuse and violence.

This was the episode that had been flagged up on social media as the one not to be missed – a hold on to your seat and don’t blink  sort of episode and for once it wasn’t hype.

“We’re not going to give you the Oscar, no matter how hard you try.” The part of the prisoner Rust Cohle was talking to wasn’t even played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

As Marty’s marriage fell apart following the fall out of his mistress telling all, Rust seemed stable by comparison. Reggie Ledoux  became the new suspect and Rust shot up ink to look contused like a drug addict. The needle going in to his arm looked very realistic. 

Cohle went undercover to talk to a biker gang he had known in the past. Insults and drugs were traded and business planned for down the bayou with exit plans and uniforms except that some exits were final and uniforms were no guarantee of safety.

There is definitely a problem with the way women are portrayed so far in this series – crazy pussy, tarts, tattooed whores,  murder victims or wronged wives. No one is happy, but then to be fair none of the men are  either.

Louisiana continued to star as the backdrop to this episode as we saw broiling shrimp, strip joints, a waterside driveway, sunsets and pop up rave in a warehouse.