A photograph tells Gerardi he’s getting closer to discovering the reason for the break-in.

Man is a greedy creature and knowledge is power.

Gil Wolfs  as a young man had run away from the orphanage and ended up working for board and lodgings at the farm where the farmer’s daughter’s obsession for him led to his finally getting the chemistry books he craved. The audience recognises that this is the same farmhouse he now lives in, watching protectively over his own daughter, but the story from the past is slowly teased out so that the flashbacks last no more than a few minutes before we are back once again in the time of Paul Gerardi’s investigation. We do find out that Wolfs has made his money not from the farm but from an invention he came up with that led to a factory producing a sought after material, popular enough to employ 500 people. He sold off his factory two years previously to fund his obsessive desire to have vengeance on Raymond Jonkhere.

It is unfortunate for Paul that an investigator is currently finding out who Paul really is. Klaus (Devos)  and Gerardi work out simultaneously who each other is and the scene is set for another show down.


On learning Gerardi’s true identity, Wolfs holds him hostage in his mansion.

Past, present and future – all were interconnected with  Jonkhere and the Salamander group. A secret report had made a link between an explosive used by terrorists in the 80s and the Salamander group under the control of Jonkhere who wanted Wolfs and Gerardi killed for what they both knew. Wolfs and Gerardi had a common enemy but as Gerardi’s wife had been amongst the collateral damage of Wolfs’s obsession with Jonkhere it was unlikely that he would be willing to listen to Wolfs and his rationale for the path he had taken.

The argument was persuasive and everything was as a result of betrayal in the past. Politics and not guns for the resistance and the shooting of an honest decent man so he could carry the can.

Everything had been one big lie.

Man is a greedy creature and knowledge is power.