The Locked Room

A vague recollection gives Marty and Rust a lead in their investigation. Contains sexual scenes, adult themes and strong language. (S1, ep 3)

Revivalist religion in tents is very different to the experience of most Church going Scots. The “Friends of Christ” were portrayed as low intelligence, overweight believers in fairy tales. The irony of course was that  the “rational” cop pointing out the virus of religion was the one who was too addicted to other vices to be able to function – the gene deep certainty that fulfilment could come from some external source which provided closure. The argument that the preacher encourages your capacity for illusion was all just an extension of the first ape telling the second ape that the sun had told him that the first ape was to get the second ape’s share. There was a buck to be had and a desperate sense of entitlement – I’m so important, I have a personal relationship with God.

The obvious red herring learning disabled suspect from the “Friends” had been attacked and mutilated in the shower so it was unlikely that he would be the guilty one on his own, or at all so the description of “the tall man with facial scarring” was back to being the main lead. Arrogance and certainly often go hand in hand. The fine line is the difference between the certainly of arrogance not backed up by the evidence.

Rust mowed Maggie’s lawn and Marty was less than pleased when he saw a grass stained Russ sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a conversation that he was excluded from. “My lawn” was an obvious metaphor for “My wife” and Marty’s unfaithfulness to Maggie seemed to be making him hyper-vigilant towards her. Marty and Maggie’s daughter Audrey had drawn something inappropriate at school but as she had been lining up her dolls in a portrayal of gang rape the previous week Marty shouldn’t have been surprised.  Marty was concerned that he was approaching 40 – how awful – and he was like Wile E. Coyote about to leap off the cliff. Rust’s interest made Marty pay his wife the right kind of attention and they got back to where they had been before the girls came along. The locked room of the mind is what stops people letting others know what we are really like, that disconnect between truth and public persona. Talking through committing horrific crime however is sometimes a message to the world that the perpetrator is not a puppet controlled by societal norms. Because, unlike most police procedurals, this is a dialogue driven slow paced 17 year investigation set in some God forsaken backwater. The kind of place with loose morals in the hidden underbelly, all the while controlled by the straight laced family loving God fearing Christians who are visible and a force to be reckoned with. The grime of the backwoods and rickety bridges only matched by the mental grime of the inhabitants.

Synaesthesia discussions with Maggie, Rust and Maggie’s friend in the country bar were too boring to Marty to stop him looking at his girlfriend Lisa out on a new date. His anger was barely masked as he danced with his wife but he drunkenly broke into Lisa’s house and almost badly assaulted the naked man on the bed. Years on Marty said, for the benefit of the tape, that family was what gave people boundaries – implying that that was what was missing from Rust’s life.


“That’s why I always said Rust needed a family. Boundaries. Boundaries are good.”

“The world needs bad men”

“Like a lot of dreams, there’s a monster at the end of it.”

So who is the tall man? Is it the same masked semi naked man emerging from the woods at the end of the episode or is this just another wrong turn.